Hat Design

Chich Chapeau headwear creations

Bobbi Heathʼs hat designs are unique and wearable. Every piece is a lovingly made, chic creation with a modern twist.

Hats for every occasion

The designs are suitable for weddings, race days, garden parties, prom nights, the catwalk, theatre, and photo shoots. In fact, anywhere a hat or headpiece is required to add that finishing touch and make that special occasion more special.

Bobbi understands that a couture hat is a “big ticket” item and so will always give advice on how a hat can be re-trimmed or given a new lease of life at a later date, thus extending its lifespan.

Care with every hat

Time is taken with fittings to make sure that, colour, line, shape and form all compliment, not only the outfit but most importantly the wearer.

It usually takes two to three weeks to make a couture hat, however last minute commissions can often be undertaken.

Prices range from £120 to £500+

Recycle, revamp, rejuvenate

Take a look in the attic, if you find a vintage hat that has languished for years with only the moths as company, bring it for a little millinery T.L.C and it could be revamped to its former glory.